The Relationship between Personality Traits and Labor Pain Intensity

Document Type: Original article


1 Department of Midwifery,Kazeroun branch, Islamic Azad University, Kazeroun, Iran

2 Department of Educational Psychology, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

3 Department Of Midwifery, Ahvaz Brunch ,Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran

4 Medical Student, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran

5 Department of English Language, Salman Farsi University, Kazeroun, Iran

6 Department of Nursing, Kazeroun Brunch, Islamic Azad University, Kazeroun, Iran


BackgroundLabor pain is one of the most intense pains. Physiological, personality, psychological, cultural, and environmental factors are related to the labor pain. Pain is a strong stressor which can have great impacts on women’s reproductive, mental, and physical health; therefore, its harmful effects should be reduced. Thus, the present study aimed to determine the relationship between the personality traits and the labor pain intensity.MethodsThis correlational study was conducted on 220 parturient women who fulfilled the inclusion criteria of the study from December to February 2012 through a demographic questionnaire, Five Factor Inventory (FFI) including 5 personality traits (neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and extraversion), and NPRS scale which was used to determine the labor pain intensity. The data were analyzed through the SPSS software (version 16) using Pearson correlation and multiple regression tests.ResultsThe results of this study showed that among the demographic factors, only the number of childbirths had a significant negative correlation with the labor pain score (r=-0.21, P<0.01). Also, a significant correlation was observed between the labor pain score and agreeableness (r=20, P<0.05) and openness (r=0.19, P<0.05). However, among the personality traits, only agreeableness was a positive predictor of the labor pain score (β=0.27, P<0.01).ConclusionThe main finding of this study was that some personality traits, such as agreeableness, were predictors of labor pain. Thus, if women with specific personality traits are identified, appropriate measures can be taken to prepare them for labor pain by providing them with suitable consultation.