Number of Articles: 274
1. The Impact of Education, Based on the BASNEF Model, on Maternal Attitudes toward Child Abuse in Shahrekord Health Centers, 2012

Volume 1, Issue 3, July 2013, Pages 130-136

Zeinab Hemati; Forouzan Ganji; Masoome Alidosti; Marzieh Reisi

2. To The Readers

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2013

Farkhondeh Sharif

3. The Study of the Perceived Social Support and Its Relationship with Glycosylated Hemoglobin in Children and Adolescents Suffering from Type I Diabetes

Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2013, Pages 76-82

Shayesteh Salehi; Soheila Shafiei; Parvaneh Amini; Gholamhossein Abdeyazdan

4. Occupational Stress among Hospital Nurses: Comparison of Internal, Surgical, and Psychiatric Wards

Volume 1, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 182-190

Ali Sahraian; Fatemeh Davidi; Amir Bazrafshan; Ali Javadpour

5. The Effect of Education Based on Health Belief Model on Health Beliefs of Women with Urinary Tract Infection

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 2-11

Fereshteh Javaheri Tehrani; Soqra Nikpour; Eftekhar Alsadat Haji Kazemi; Neda Sanaie; Shabnam Alsadat Shariat Panahi

6. The Effects of Discharge Plan on Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2014, Pages 60-68

Farkhondeh Sharif; Fariba Moshkelgosha; Zahra Molazem; Majid Najafi Kalyani; Mehrdad Vossughi

7. The Effect of Massage Therapy by Patients’ Companions on Severity of Pain in the Patients Undergoing Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Single-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Volume 2, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 128-135

Sied Saeed Najafi; Fazlola Rast; Marzieh Momennasab; Mahmood Ghazinoor; Fereshteh Dehghanrad; Sied Ali Mousavizadeh

8. A Systematic Review of the Liaison Nurse Role on Patient’s Outcomes after Intensive Care Unit Discharge

Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2014, Pages 202-210

Zeinab Tabanejad; Marzieh Pazokian; Abbas Ebadi

9. Relapse Model among Iranian Drug Users: A Qualitative Study

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 2-11

Amir Jalali; Naiemeh Seyedfatemi; Hamid Peyrovi

10. Comparison of Abnormal Cervical Cytology from HIV Positive Women, Female Sex Workers and General Population

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2015, Pages 76-83

Homeira Vafaei; Nasrin Asadi; Leila Foroughinia; Alireza Salehi; Safieh Kuhnavard; Mojgan Akbarzadeh; Hamid Reza Ravanbod; Ferdos Mohamadalian; Maryam Kasraeian

11. The Frequency, Contributing and Preventive Factors of Harassment towards Health Professionals in Iran

Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2015, Pages 156-164

Masoud Fallahi Khoshknab; Fatemeh Oskouie; Nahid Ghazanfari; Fereshteh Najafi; Zahra Tamizi; Shahla Afshani; Ghazal Azadi

12. Chiropractic: Is it Efficient in Treatment of Diseases? Review of Systematic Reviews

Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2015, Pages 244-254

Alireza Salehi; Neda Hashemi; ohammad Hadi Imanieh; Mahboobeh Saber

13. Death Anxiety among Nurses and Health Care Professionals: A Review Article

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 2-10

Hamid Sharif Nia; Rebecca H. Lehto; Abbas Ebadi; Hamid Peyrovi

14. Perceived Maternal Role Competence among the Mothers Attending Immunization Clinics of Dharan, Nepal

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 100-106

Shrooti Shah; Shrestha Mangala; Pokharel Nirmala; Shrestha Devkumari; Baral Dharanidhar

15. Online Social Support for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Thematic Analysis of Messages Posted to a Virtual Support Community

Volume 4, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 188-198

Masoumeh Abbasi Shavazi; Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad; Mohammad Taghi Abbasi Shavazi; Masoud Mirzaei; Ali Mellat Ardekani

16. Effects of a Lifestyle Modification Program on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hypertensive Patients with Angioplasty: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Volume 4, Issue 4, October 2016, Pages 286-296

Fahimeh Jafari; Mohsen Shahriari; Fakhri Sabouhi; Alireza Khosravi Farsani; Maryam Eghbali Babadi

17. Contributing Factors to High-Risk Sexual Behaviors among Iranian Adolescent Girls: A Systematic Review

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 2-12

Zainab Alimoradi; Nourossadat Kariman; Masoumeh Simbar; Fazlollah Ahmadi

18. Health Related Quality of Life in Iranian Elderly Citizens: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 100-111

Mohammad Farajzadeh; Reza Ghanei Gheshlagh; Kourosh Sayehmiri

19. Quality of Life among Family Caregivers of Patients on Hemodialysis and its Relevant Factors: A Systematic Review

Volume 5, Issue 3, July 2017, Pages 206-218

Seyedeh Azam Sajadi; Abbas Ebadi; Seyed Tayeb Moradian

20. The Effect of Telephone Counseling and Education on Breast Cancer Screening in Family Caregivers of Breast Cancer Patients

Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2017, Pages 306-316

Khadijeh Nasiriani; Monireh Motevasselian; Farahnaz Farnia; Seyed Mostafa Shiryazdi; Mahsa Khodayarian

21. Factors Affecting the Place of Delivery among Mothers Residing in Jhorahat VDC, Morang, Nepal

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 2-11


Prativa Dhakal; Mangala Shrestha; Dharanidhar Baral; Santosh Pathak

22. The Effect of Prangos Ferulacea Vaginal Cream on Accelerating the Recovery of Bacterial Vaginosis: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 100-110


Asieh Azadpour Motlagh; Mahrokh Dolatian; Faraze Mojab; Malihe Nasiri; Behroz Ezatpour; Yadollah Sahranavard; Heshmat Shakiba; Bahram Rahimy; Kiandokht Ghanati

23. Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Men’s Worry about Their Wives’ High Risk Pregnancy Questionnaire

Volume 6, Issue 3, July 2018, Pages 186-196


Nayere Azam Hajikhani; Giti Ozgoli; Taghi Pourebrahim; Yadollah Mehrabi; Khadijeh Abollmaali; Fatemeh Mohammadi; Marzieh Saei Ghare Naz

24. Prevalence and Reasons of Self-Medication in Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Volume 6, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 272-284


Mohammad Mohseni; Saber Azami-Aghdash; Sepideh Gareh Sheyklo; Ahmad Moosavi; Majid Nakhaee; Fatemeh Pournaghi-Azar; Aziz Rezapour

25. Effect of Health Literacy Education on Self-Care in Pregnant Women: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 2-12


Mahnaz Solhi; Khadijeh Abbasi; Farbod Ebadi Fard Azar; Aghafatemeh Hosseini